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Sonic pdf creator v3.0.5.0

Sonic pdf creator v3.0.5.0
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Sonic PDF Creator - это очень эффективное приложение позволяющее вам создавать документы в формате PDF. Несмотря на средний размер дистрибутива в программе заложено большинство функций мега-пакета от Adobe. Программа более дружелюбна к пользователю чем основной конкурент от Adobe, обладает прекрасным интуитивно понятным интерфейсом и пошаговым визардом! Поддерживаются все основные форматы документов. Sonic PDF Creator - это именно то, что необходимо домашнему пользователю!
Create professional looking and secure PDF documents from hundreds of Windows applications. A simple to use interface with value added features youll need, like batch conversion, watermarking, PDF merging and splitting & more. Sonic PDF lets users create PDFs from either, the print dialog within their application or through the easy to use Sonic PDF toolbar. The advanced security settings within Sonic PDF allow users to prevent printing, copying and pasting of text and graphics, and other alterations, such as adding/removing pages or commenting. Sonic PDF also includes PDF editing, combining and branding capabilities.
Create PDF from over 300 Windows applications, including the following:
- Text to PDF
- Powerpoint to PDF
- MS Word to PDF
- MS Publisher to PDF
- MS Excel to PDF
- ADDITIONAL FORMATS (Over 300 Hundred Windows Applications Are Easily Converted to the PDF Format With Sonic PDF Creator)
Features of "Sonic PDF Creator":
- Create a blank one page PDF file and open it for editing with Sonic PDF Creator.
- Open an existing PDF file for editing.
- Open a PDF file from the file folder using the “open” or “open with” context menu.
- Dragging a PDF file and dropping it into the Sonic PDF Creator program window will open the file in Sonic PDF.
- Sonic PDF Creator supports opening and editing multiples PDF files at the same time.
- Edit and save PDF documents using Sonic PDF Creator.
- Create a new email using the active document as an attachment.
- Print your PDF document out on a printer before or after editing.
- Insert pages into the active PDF document.
- Delete selected pages from the active PDF document.
- For the selected PDF pages, rotate them 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
- Change the original paper size of the selected PDF pages in the active PDF document.
- Change the size of the PDF content in the active document.
- Crop pages by adjusting the margins of selected pages in the active PDF document.
- Add text or information, such as date, time, page numbers, bates number or the filename of the document, in the top or bottom margins of the active PDF document.
- Stamp text on the active PDF document.
- Stamp an image on the active PDF document.
- Overlap several PDF pages onto one PDF page.
- Create a new file or several new files using pages from the active PDF document.
- Merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file.
- Attach a PDF file into the active document as an attachment.
- Add bookmarks to the PDF document.
- Re-arrange pages to make compact 2-up, double-sided booklets.
- Combine multiple PDF pages onto a single sheet.
- Set passwords on the active PDF document to protect the document from being opened or modified.
- Modify title, subject, author, and keywords for the active document.
- Enjoy one click PDF creation from your MS Office applications.
- Sonic PDF Creator has a unique user interface that lets you be sure what type of PDF documents you are creating, either regular or secure PDF.
- A variety of PDF compression options, including text and color images, to make your PDF documents extra compact for easy sharing.
- Add watermarks to your PDFs for branding purposes.
- Batch creation capabilities into PDF from a variety of formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML and a variety of image formats.
- Split by page - split the output PDF file into some files, 1 page per file.
- Stitch two adjacent PDF pages into one page.
- Font/Color and Display options.
- PDF to Text extraction capabilities.
Сайт программы: www.investintech.com
Платформа: Windows XP/Vista/7
Язык Интерфейса: English
Таблетка: serial
Размер: 15.03 MB
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